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👋 Hey! I’m Alexa, and I’m obsessed with stories, adventure, and stuff that makes me giggle. The Giggler is where I share my fun escapist written adventures with subscribers and geek out about all the exciting and interesting things related to storytelling and my zany life when I’m between book releases. Join me on my never-ending quest for amusement and unadulterated fun! 💃🏻

What to Expect

🤓 Original escapist adventure fiction that’ll make you giggle, starting with Over the Top Secret (my fun and fast-paced comedic adventure about a brainy, relatable heroine, a government experiment gone wrong, and the zany world of T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T. espionage)! Plus, writing/voice-acting/life updates from yours truly.

My plan is to publish all my stories here on Substack, exclusively for my subscribers, before making them available in physical formats.

Between releases, I love to refill my bank of writing inspiration by exploring the world ✈️ , geeking out about storytelling in its many forms 🤩, and soaking up the fun and humorous moments life has to offer ✨. These real-world adventures, fascinations, and shenanigans tend to be as zany and magical as the ones in my books, which make for excellent story inspiration! Whether I’m releasing a new book or gearing up for my next project, we’ve got a whole lot of fun ahead of us here at The Giggler. 🥳

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You can expect a newsletter from me every Thursday morning during a serialized book release. When I’m not currently releasing a story, you’ll hear from me when there’s something exciting to share with you! I’m also constantly interacting with readers in the comment sections of posts and exclusive chats within the Substack app here at The Giggler! It’s like our own private club for goofballs. 💃🏻

Say no more— I’m READY to DIVE IN!

Who am I?

But not, like, in an existential crisis way— I just figured you might be wondering…

I’m Alexa Tuttle! I make movies, write books, bring stories to life as a voice actress, and am essentially obsessed with the power of storytelling. With every story I write, I aim to inspire others with the fantastic thrill of embarking on new adventures, befriending new characters, and discovering exciting new worlds!

As a kid, I was an on-camera actress and model alongside my four younger siblings (and sometimes our parents, too!). Later, I earned a BFA in Film Production (emphasis in Directing) from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. My senior thesis film, Intrepid, earned over 20 awards and nominations from festivals around the globe, as well as an invitation to screen at San Diego Comic-Con! I’ve published two children’s picture books (one with the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights) and a few Amazon best-selling steamy romances— under a pen name! 

When I’m not writing my own stories, I’m helping bring other creators’ visions to life through the art of voice acting. I’ve had a lot of fun voicing characters for video games, dubbing and looping (most recently for a live-action Disney+ TV show!), working with commercial brands, doing accent work, recording for animation, audiobooks, podcasts, meditation apps, e-learning videos, and more. 

I love game nights, treasure hunts, secret doors, and stories! My family started calling me “The Giggler” while I was writing Over the Top Secret, as I could frequently be found hunched over my laptop, giggling furiously as my crazy characters came to life at my fingertips. I hope to share that bubbly enthusiasm for storytelling with you.

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Alexa Tuttle

Hey! 👋 I’m an award-winning director, writer, and voice actress. Whether intended for the screen or the page, for kids or adults, my tales are best known for their humorous escapades, zany characters, and fun twists! www.alexatuttle.com