A quick-link guide to reading my original fiction published here at The Giggler:

Over the Top Secret

(a fun and fast-paced comedic adventure about a brainy, relatable heroine, a government experiment gone wrong, and the zany world of T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T. espionage)

(AKA Mission Report)

Chapter 1
(AKA Keep Calm and Take a Quiz)

Chapter 2
(AKA Wakey Wakey, Scared and Shakey)

Chapter 3
(AKA Recycled Air Farts)

Chapter 3.5
(AKA Trench Coat Tussle)

Chapter 4
(AKA Critical Failure)

Chapter 5
(AKA Sh*t Happens)

Chapter 6
(AKA Loosey Goosey)

Chapter 7
(AKA Test is My Middle Name)

Chapter 8
(AKA Code Red)

Chapter 9
(AKA T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T.)

Chapter 10
(AKA The Prince of Weapons)

Chapter 11
(AKA The Not-so-Safe House)

Chapter 12
(AKA Crème Brûlée)

Chapter 13
(AKA What’s HapPENning?!)

Chapter 14
(AKA Total ReCALL)

Chapter 15
(AKA Not Your Grandma’s Panties)

Chapter 16
(AKA Tout le Monde)

Chapter 17
(AKA A Buttery Betrayal)

Chapter 18
(AKA Getting to the Bottom of it)

Chapter 19
(AKA Into the Dungeon)

Chapter 20
(AKA Out Snooping, Call Back Later)

Chapter 21
(AKA Oh Rats!)

Chapter 22
(AKA Another Damn Experiment)

Chapter 23

(AKA Krav Maga)

Chapter 24
(AKA Follow That Rat!)

Chapter 25
(AKA Up, Up and Away)

Chapter 26
(AKA Look Before You Fall)

Chapter 27
(AKA Puke Breath)

Chapter 28
(AKA Triggered by the Trash Man)

(AKA Clam Chowder)

Stay tuned for more zany chapters!