Mar 11, 2023

A quick-link guide to reading my original fiction published here at The Giggler:

Over the Top Secret

(a fun and fast-paced comedic adventure about a brainy, relatable heroine, a government experiment gone wrong, and the zany world of T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T. espionage)

(AKA Mission Report)

Chapter 1
(AKA Keep Calm and Take a Quiz)

Chapter 2
(AKA Wakey Wakey, Scared and Shakey)

Chapter 3
(AKA Recycled Air Farts)

Chapter 3.5
(AKA Trench Coat Tussle)

Chapter 4
(AKA Critical Failure)

Chapter 5
(AKA Sh*t Happens)

Chapter 6
(AKA Loosey Goosey)

Chapter 7
(AKA Test is My Middle Name)

Chapter 8
(AKA Code Red)

Chapter 9
(AKA T.O.P.S.E.C.R.E.T.)

Stay tuned for more zany chapters!